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On this page, security-related topics are dealt with to ensure that they are not lost in the normal text and that you have them quickly and clearly at hand.

The OCIS is a high-speed stirring tool, so it's clear to keep yourself and your limbs away from your potential source of danger, the front, rotating tip. This also applies to tool changes. Therefore:


it is essential to remove the battery or the plug when assembling or disassembling in order to avoid the DREMEL starting up unintentionally


Tie up long hair


Wear eye protection depending on the stirring medium


Information on emission values ​​can be found on the manufacturer's website for your drive



As soon as you screw the OCIS onto a DREMEL, you are dealing with an electrical machine. It is therefore essential to prevent the drive itself from coming into contact with liquids.

The stator and rotor are usually sprayed with 70 percent alcohol and of course from the inside too. During the subsequent assembly, always hold the drive so that the alcohol can always run in the direction of the stator tip, never in the direction of the drive. If low-viscosity fluids have been stirred, make sure that the OCIS is always held during dismantling so that the medium that is still in the stator cannot run in the direction of the drive. So just keep the tip of the OCIS pointing downwards.


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