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Make natural cosmetics yourself

emulsifies like a professional device

Also suitable for small quantities, therefore ideal for experimenting

easy and lightning fast assembly and disassembly


very easy to clean

hardly any wearing parts; the socket is cheap to buy later

Available drives are cheap, powerful and infinitely variable *

Battery operation possible (depending on the drive); no annoying cable

* When researching, please make sure that you are not buying a DREMEL® that has a huge range of accessories. If you only want to use it for the OCIS, that makes no sense and doubles the acquisition costs. It is worth looking at comparison portals.



the ideal tool for making quantities suitable for families


ideal stirring amount: 50ml-1000ml

Anker 1:Videos

Emulsify like the pros with the OCIS


An emulsifying attachment that can be mounted on rotary tools of the DREMEL ® brand. This makes it a powerful dispersing tool with which all emulsions to be stirred at high speeds can be stirred without any problems. The rotor-stator principle is based on professional laboratory equipment. It sucks in the stirring medium without stirring in too much air or wasting too much valuable material such as milk frother or hand blender or hand blender.





the ideal tool for experimentation


ideal stirring amount: 20ml-200ml

Which drive?

Attention: The DREMEL ® is available with various accessories. If you only want to use it for stirring, buy it with as few accessories as possible.




Recommended drives:


Battery variants:

DREMEL® 8220 (8220-1 / 5)


Variants with cable:


One advantage of the battery variants is the lack of a cable. With models with a cable, it can happen that you knock something over in the hectic pace.


Our OCIS is not approved as a tool by the manufacturer BOSCH and is therefore to be regarded as an independent tool!



Sources of information, recipes and raw materials


We can definitely recommend everything from Heike Käser. Your book and page are very informative and always worth a visit. First point of contact, if you don't know it yet: Your OLIONATURA page including forum and shop


You can find a good selection of raw materials and accessories for natural cosmetics production on the following pages:




Skin chakra


Customer photo:

A photo of a satisfied customer who compared the mixing result with the result of her previous mixing method. (the right example was of course done by the OCIS (-: )

Security and worth knowing

You can find important information such as precautionary measures and safety tips on a separate page here .

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