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I screwed the stator holder onto the DREMEL® at an angle. The thread is now destroyed, what can I do?


The plastic threads of the drives are actually only intended for plastic attachments, so we have to be very careful when unscrewing! If that didn't work out too well and you were a little vigorous in unscrewing it, you have cut a new thread into the existing plastic thread. Then the stator holder can no longer be screwed straight on. But there is a remedy: Remove the stator holder and inspect the plastic thread. Take a sharp, small knife and carefully cut off the peeled threads. But if you do not trust yourself to do this, please contact us! We'll manage that together.

I have recommended a different DREMEL than that, can I use this one too?

You can try it. However, the locking mechanisms, for example, are the most stable in the recommended devices. We therefore advise against using other models.

All your Questions about OCIS

During the stirring process the speed of the Dremel drops sharply and unusual noises occur, am I doing WTF wrong?


You have either not screwed on the stator holder tight enough or the stator itself. Then the components loosen and the rotor eats its way into the bushing. In general, if you hear unusual noises, switch off the Dremel immediately and check the screw connection. If you are fast enough, the socket may still be salvaged. Follow this rule and the OCIS will be your friend:


Screw everything tight, except for the rotor. This cannot loosen due to the direction of rotation and therefore only needs to be tightened gently.

What is the best way to start and where can I find good recipes?


You will certainly find information on DIY natural cosmetics in many places. A very good address for this, however, is the Olionatura site. There you will find a lot of information.


You can find a good selection of raw materials and accessories for natural cosmetics production on the following pages:




Skin chakra

Can I also stir cold with the OCIS?


No, the OCIS in conjunction with the recommended drives is a high-speed tool. Cold stirring is best done by hand or with a suitable stirrer with a tripod.

The OCIS is vibrating a lot, what am I doing wrong?


First make sure that the stator holder (the part that is screwed onto the drive) is screwed straight and tight enough. The socket may also be worn. Order a new one from us and exchange it. However, if the socket is probably not the problem, the first thing to do is to contact us.

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